End of Year 4-H Newsletter

— Written By N.C. Cooperative Extension

Greetings from Warren County 4-H!

Sorry it has been so long since we’ve had a Warren County 4-H Newsletter!  Our office is low on postage at the end of the year and we have been trying to conserve.  With that being said, there is a LOT of information in this newsletter about what we’ve been doing as well as upcoming events, so please read through it in it’s entirety and let me know if you have any questions.  Happy Holidays and thank you for your continued support of Warren County 4-H and Cooperative Extension!


Erin Bain

4-H Agent


Volunteer Leader’s Association

The next Warren County 4-H Volunteer Leader’s Association Meeting will be held on Monday, January 25, 2010.  Please make every effort to attend this meeting, as Erin will spend time reviewing paperwork requirements and other important information about the upcoming year.  Anyone who must miss the January 25th meeting is encouraged to contact Erin to schedule individual information sessions as soon as possible

 *As a reminder, Volunteer Leader meetings are always held on the 4th Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m.  The full list of dates for 2010 is as follows:  January 25, February 22, March 22, April 26, May 24, No meetings in June or July, August 23, September 27, October 25, and November 22.  There is no meeting in December due to the Banquet and the Holidays.


Guilford County 4-H Lock-In

Guilford County 4-H will be holding a lock-in for 4-H members ages 12 and up on Friday evening, January 8, 2010.  Registration deadline is Thursday, December 10th.  The cost for the event is $15 and registration is limited to the first 5 youth from Warren County who sign up.  Erin will provide transportation. We will be back in Warrenton around lunchtime on Saturday, January 9th.  Participants must bring a sleeping bag and their own pillow(s).


Turning in Project Record Books!

All project record books for last year’s projects MUST be turned in to the 4-H Office by Monday, February 1st.  Project Record books that are being turned in should cover 4-H projects worked on during the calendar year 2009.  Please contact me ASAP with any questions about 4-H Project Records. 

-Anyone who missed the 4-H Project Record Book training in October has a 2nd chance on Thursday, January 7 from 6-8 p.m. Please call to register for the training by Monday, January 4th


2010 Four County 4-H Livestock Show and Sale

*Please Note* Due to some changes with the show rules and Project record component, we will be holding a MANDATORY meeting for any volunteers/parents/youth who wish to participate in this year’s show.  This meeting will be held on Thursday, January 14th at 6:30 p.m. at the Cooperative Extension Office Annex in Franklin County.  

Important dates for the 2010 Show:

  • Animals must be on your property/in your care by Monday, February 1, 2010
  • Registration forms/entry fees ($6 per animal) must be turned in to the Warren County Extension Office by Monday, March 1, 2010
  • Livestock Educational Project is due to the Warren County Extension Office by Friday, April 9, 2010.
  • Four County 4-H Livestock Show and Sale will be held on Friday, April 23, 2010 in Granville County (specific location TBD)

 For additional information about the show please contact Erin or visit our website.

Teen Retreat

The North Central District Teen Retreat will be held either the weekend of February 26-28 or March 5-7, 2010.  Location has not yet been determined and that will dictate the cost.  The Teen Retreat this year will be a two-night event instead of one night.  We will depart the office on Friday afternoon and return to Warren County mid-afternoon on Sunday.  If you are interested in attending please watch the newsletter and our Facebook/website for details or let me know so I can make sure I send you information!

County Awards/Achievement Night

We will be holding an Awards/Achievement night program on Thursday, March 25, 2010 at the Extension Office.  4-Hers will be recognized at this event for their 2009 projects and other accomplishments.  More information about this event will be publicized in January/February.

 Spring Break Day Camp – “Who Am I and Where Am I Going?!”

Plans are in progress for the 2010 Spring Break 4-H Day Camp!  Warren County will be partnering with Vance County 4-H for this program, which will be held Monday, March 29 – Thursday, April 1, 2010 from 8:30-4:30 each day.  The focus of this week will be preparing youth for their futures in education, employment, and personal development.  Registration cost will be $20 and the program is open to youth ages 9-15.  Additional information/registration will be publicized in January/February.

Summer 4-H Camp!

Camp is an awesome fun and educational experience for youth ages 8-14!  This year we will be camping at the Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Center the week of June 27-July 2, 2010.  The cost for camp this year will be $325. To guarantee your child(ren) a spot at camp this year you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $75 per child by Friday, January 29, 2010.  Additional information about camp payment plans will follow in January.

Area 4-H Poultry Show

The Area 4-H Poultry Show and Auction was held on Saturday, November 14th in Louisburg.  Youth participants from Warren County showed Silver Laced Wyandotte and Rhode Island Red Chickens along with others from Vance, Granville, and Franklin counties.  All youth did an excellent job and will receive checks for ½ of the amount that their chickens sold for at auction.  Additional awards are listed below.  The following youth participated in the show:

  • Rene’ Brickles – 1st Place Senior Showmanship ($20), 1st Place Senior Record Books ($20), 1st Place Silver Laced Wyandotte Breed Show ($15), Grand Champion Silver Laced Wyandotte ($40)
  • Elben Mulchi – 3rd Place Senior Showmanship ($10), 3rd Place Rhode Island Red Breed Show ($5)
  • Lindsey White – 3rd Place Silver Laced Wyandotte ($5)
  • Chakelah Goode
  • Quendarius Williams
  • Tamara Kearney

Information about the 2010 Area Poultry Show will be coming out in the Spring with chickens arriving in May.  Watch the newsletter or contact Erin if you would like to participate in this program next year.



  • Elizabeth Moseley from the Lucky 4-Leaf 4-H Club was chosen as one of two winners of the North Central District Youth Volunteer Award for 2009.  She was presented with her award at the 2009 State Council Conference in Raleigh in November.
  • Warren County 4-H held Poster and Photography Contests to celebrate Farm City Week.  Tomarkus Richardson won the poster contest and a cash prize provided by Carolina Farm Credit of $50.  Christopher Harris won the photo contest and received $25 from the Warren Record.


Online Communication

We all use technology more and more in our daily lives, and 4-H and Cooperative Extension are no exception!  We’re trying to become more efficient in our communications with our 4-H members, volunteers, and other stakeholders in the community and would like to update our e-mail lists.  If you have an e-mail address that you are willing to share (and check regularly!) please send me a message at erin_bain@ncsu.edu so that I can add you to my list.  Also please check out our Facebook and Twitter pages if you use those social networking sites.

4-H Curriculum Guides

Curriculum Guides to aid 4-H members in selecting and completing their 4-H Projects for the year are available in the 4-H Office or for order.  4-H Volunteers may come to the 4-H Office to browse through the available curriculum here or obtain a list of curriculum available for order.  National 4-H Curriculum is available in 54 different categories that range from Animal Science to Robotics and everywhere in between.  If ordering books that are not on hand in the 4-H office, the 4-Her is responsible for payment, but discounts are sometimes available and typically no book costs over $5.00.  4-H Project curricula is also available online for some projects.  Contact Erin for more information at 257-3640 or erin_bain@ncsu.edu

It’s NEVER too early!

As we approach the New Year, please start thinking about the many ways you can become more involved in 4-H throughout the next year.  Warren County will be continuing to do many of the same programs that we have been doing as well as encouraging youth to participate in many other 4-H Activities.  Please consider the many programs that youth may want to participate in during 2010. 

 Upcoming Dates and Deadlines for 2010:

  • January 29, 2010 – $75 deposit required to guarantee space in Summer Camp
  • February 1, 2010 – 4-H Project Record Books Due
  • February 5-7, 2010 – North Carolina 4-H Volunteer Leaders Conference in Raleigh
  • February 26-28 or March 5-7, 2010 – North Central District 4-H Teen Retreat
  • March 1, 2010 – Livestock Show Registration and Entry Fees Due
  • March 25, 2010 – Warren County 4-H Awards/Achievement Night
  • May 10, 2010 – ARI and Ambassador Portfolios Due
  • June 10, 2010 -  Warren County 4-H Presentation Night
  • June 14-16, 2010 – North Carolina 4-H Citizenship North Carolina Focus
  • June 23, 2010 – North Central District Activity Day
  • June 27-July 2, 2010 – Warren County 4-H Camp at Betsy Jeff Penn
  • July 12-15, 2010 – North Carolina 4-H Electric Congress
  • July 19-23, 2010 – North Carolina 4-H Congress
  • November 20-21, 2010 – 4-H State Council Conference

 New events and programs are always happening – Please read your newsletters each month and watch for updates in the Warren Record and on our website(s).