End of Grade Testing Tips for Parents & Youth

— Written By N.C. Cooperative Extension image

End of Grade Testing:  Preparations, Expectations and Celebrating Doing Your Best

Parents, it is that time of year again!  Our children are taking exams called the EOGs (End of Grade tests).  In order for them to do their best, please consider the following:

  1.  If you haven’t done so already, set aside a quiet place and time for your child to complete and review her homework on a daily basis.
  2. Ask him to teach you what he learned in school.  If he’s having problems with certain subjects, get help from a teacher, tutor or an older student.
  3.  Throughout the entire month of May, have your child go to bed early or on time.  Lessen the late night activities, television and video games during the week and prioritize rest.
  4.  Eat healthy well-balanced meals, especially for breakfast.  Pop-tarts and donuts are quick and easy to serve first thing in the morning but are not nutritious.  Limit sweets and soft drinks on weekdays.
  5.  Manage stress and anxiety.  Take a “walk and talk” to reduce stress and open lines of communication.  Give your child the opportunity to talk about his expectations, fears and hopes.  His job is to do his best, whether he is an ‘A’ or ‘C’ student, everyone should be proud of him when he is giving his best effort. 
  6.  Start the testing day in a calm way!  Allow plenty of time to say a few encouraging words, let your child know how much you believe in her and take a moment to give her a hug.  Arrive at school a few minutes early if possible and remember to tell your child to ‘think success.’
  7.  Remind your student to take the test seriously, listen to the directions of the proctor and ask for clarifications if he doesn’t understand the instructions on the test.  It is important he read the questions carefully and review each of the potential answers prior to making his selection.  He should never leave an answer blank but should instead choose the best answer to the question.
  8.  If your child feels anxious during the test, taking a few deep breaths might help ease her nerves.  Practice ten deep breaths with her before she goes to school.
  9.  When the test is complete, your child should feel good about a job well done.  Help him celebrate by spending special one on one time together.  Get out the Frisbee and go to the park, create a craft, sing songs together or make a special family meal.
  10.  Lastly, if your child needs to retake the test, don’t stress.  Talk to the school counselor about additional stress reducing activities and repeat the above.

 Students, here are a few things you need to consider as you are taking your End of Grade tests:

  1. Put several sharpened number 2 pencils with erasers in your backpack and talk to teachers or family members about any concerns you may have before the test.
  2.  Start your day off with a good breakfast and learn to “breathe” deeply to help you think.  Oxygen gives your brain power and helps you to calm down.
  3.  Think positively.  You can do this.  Imagine what you will do later today to celebrate!  At any point during the test feel free to breathe deeply, roll your head, wiggle your feet or softly shake out your arms.Try not to hold the pencil so tightly that it hurts your hand or arm later.
  4.  Read the directions carefully.  Then read the question and all possible answers.  Once you have read the question carefully, consider the best possible answer.If you do not understand the instructions or have a question before the test begins, raise your hand to ask an adult.
  5. Try not to spend too much time on any given question.   Answer the easiest questions first and if you need to skip a question, mark down which one you skipped so you can return to it later. Don’t forget to return to it later!
  6. Be certain you understand what the question is asking and before responding.
  7. When you are working on math, double check your work from beginning to end.  Did you copy down the equation correctly on your scratch sheet of paper?   Everything should line up in good order.  If your answer doesn’t match one of the choices, reread the problem, recopy the numbers and try again.
  8. Plan your time.  You should be about half way through the test when you are half way through the time allotted for that section.  If you finish early and have additional time at the end, review the test to be certain bubbles are filled in neatly, marks are erased completely and your writing is legible.
  9. Look at the words in the sentence to help you understand the words you do not know.  Try to find the meaning to the parts of the words you do know. 
  10. Do your best.  Celebrate in some small way afterwards!

 Good luck students!   If you would like more information about any of the above, please call 919-496-3344 or email Rachel_Monteverdi@ncsu.edu.  North Carolina testing information can be found here:  http://www.ncpublicschools.org/accountability/testing/  ###