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So you’re looking for a new washer and dryer. You plan on getting the best Energy Star certified appliances …

Save Energy, Save Money

Save Energy, Save Money It’s that time of the year again, sky high temperatures, and energy bills to match. There’s …

Phantom of the ...Electricity?

Phantom of the…Electricity? While away at work or sleeping, do you ever think about the appliances or electronic gadgets you …

Aging With Gusto!

She woke up one morning, arose from her bed, looked in the mirror and said, “Who is that old …

Girls Are Leaders Too

Have you heard about the girl who dreamed of flying around the world? Or how about the seventeen year …

The Peaceful Family

Article: The Peaceful Family What does a peaceful home look like, feel like, and sound like? Is it a …

Recent Publications related to Home & Family

Drain fly adult

Drain Flies

This Entomology Insect Note describes how to identify and control drain flies, a common nuisance …

7 days agoHousehold Pests
Illustration showing how plants stabilize stream banks

Options for Backyard Stream Repair

This publication discusses strategies and techniques for stabilizing stream banks where erosion is an issue.

1 week ago
Figure 1. Southern devil scorpion, Vejovis carolinianus.

Scorpions in North Carolina

This factsheet covers the type of scorpions found in North Carolina and measures to take …

A food bank warehouse with boxes of produce.

Direct to Food Bank and Food Pantry Donations

This publication, part of the Farm to Food Bank Resource Guide, discusses food donations given …

7/20/18Local Foods
Figure 1. Some spiders build funnel-shaped webs on the ground, n

Spiders in and Around Homes

This Entomology Insect Note discusses identifying spiders and how to control them indoors.

Insect Repellent Products

This document is presented to answer some commonly asked questions about repellents and mechanical devices …

Figure 1. Adult fungus gnat.

Fungus Gnats Indoors

This Entomology Insect Note provides information on the identification and control of fungus gnats in …

7/2/18Household Pests
Figure 1. Earwigs.


This Entomology Insect Note offers information on how to identify and control earwigs in the …

7/2/18Household Pests